Healthy Traveling

Businessman in hotel roomJohn has started to travel extensively again, something he has not done, to this degree, in several years. Whether you are a huge traveler or just have to deal with large chunks of your life, out of your control, there are things you can do to keep your mind, body and spirit on track. So, some tips from the road that you can adapt to everyday life by saying, how can I simplify complicated tasks……………….

Stock up on healthy food before you leave, either for a business trip or just a crazy day at work. We like KIND bars. No they are not perfect in their ingredients BUT you can get them anywhere and they consistently show up on top 10 best nutrition bar lists-also, yup, almonds. They don’t spoil or splatter like fruit and they are a great source of nutrition. They really do fill you up if you eat them slowly, one at a time during a break or while waiting to board the plane.

When packing, pack your workout gear first. This reminds you that the most important things you are bringing are not your fancy shoes but your fitness gear and that you need to use it! John does just fine with sneakers, two pairs of dry shorts and two shirts, that he hand washes in his room and lets dry during the day. Add socks for the week and of course, fitness bands, and you have everything you need. Not traveling, where do you keep your sneakers for your lunchtime walk? Not the walk you hope to squeeze in, the walk you WILL take, every day. Another thing to consider, if traveling to a big city, is seeking out organic grocery stores and making that more important to your hotel choice than where your meetings are. For example when John stays in NYC he stays, whenever possible, at a hotel that is a block from a great, organic market. He gets breakfast and dinner there and since this hotel has a small kitchen, he can cook and eat food, he knows is good. A nice by product of this approach is although next to a great market, he is further from the office he typically works from, so longer walks in the morning and evening without planning it. We always talk about accidental exercise and this is a perfect example. Translating this to a normal workday would be to make your food the night before and bring it in a small cooler. You can cook several organic chicken breasts on the weekend and use them throughout the week along with organic fruits and vegetables. A real KEY is to eat outside of work. Get out of your cubicle, or lunch room. Remember lunch is a two part event, eating and walking, BOTH are needed.

This next one is really huge. If you travel more than once a month via airline, get a known traveler number. It costs $85, takes about 15 minutes at any one of the thousands of locations around that do the paperwork and gets you pre-check 100% of the time. This alone cuts the hassle factor of getting through security by about 1152%! Many of us do research or work on the plane, don’t do this. Get a quality set of noise cancelling headphones (John swears by Monster’s iSport ear buds). Listen to music, audio books (John is presently enjoying one on mindfulness) just chill….. Get up early or absolutely block a chunk of your evening for a dedicated workout and spiritual time. These last two things will never happen organically. You must commit to them and hard schedule them at the same priority level as the most important meeting or event of your week. Yes, when not traveling the same discipline and commitment to body, mind and spirit is essential! I could argue, maybe more important.


How Are YOU Doing?

hibernationWe purposely stop posting for several reasons. First and foremost we did not want to “clutter” the space with anything other than the 66 days to form powerful new life lessons. Additionally we needed to spend some dedicated time on our holistic studies and to focus for a bit, directly on our book on our life’s mission, helping others make the simple, powerful changes to improve their lives. Like most of you this is in addition to the 50+ hours a week we both work so for all those reasons we took a break.

Well, we are back! Weekly posts a will start, this week. We need and ask for your thoughts, your input, your successes and failures. This is a community for change not a couple of people writing for the sake of writing. JOIN, participate, be part of the solution!


Day 66 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – DAY 66 IS HERE!!!!!

almondsDespite, business and personal travel. Despite insane demands in our careers at the beginning of 2016 that continue. Despite some family health issues bordering on crisis, we did what we said we would do on 1 January. Publish a fresh blog post, every day for 66 days. We hope this serves as an example of making a commitment and letting nothing, and we mean nothing, get in the way. This blog is going to move to a less frequent number of post as we transition to writing the book about living an extraordinary life. Please follow us on twitter, @my66days. More than 15,000 people already do. This is where we will continue to post daily and where you will hear first of updates to the book etc.

For our last blog, we thought no more suggestions or advice. We just want to leave you with the almond app program. If parts do not make sense, or you need to learn more, or have questions there are 65 days of knowledge to draw from. We also invite you to email us at if you are not comfortable posting a comment.

Here are your specifics:

-7+ hours of sleep – 3 almonds

-At least 30 minutes of reflection, prayer, Reiki, meditation… – 3 almonds

-A minimum of 1/4 of an ounce (try to get to 1/3) of water per pound of body weight – 3 almonds

-A minimum of 15 minutes of brisk exercise and a total of 45 additional minutes of “accidental exercise – 3 almonds

-Within 100 calories (above or below) your daily caloric goal – 3 almonds

-80% of your calories come from unprocessed foods – 3 almonds

-No more than 60% of your calories come from carbohydrates – 3 almonds

-At least 20% of your calories come from protein – 3 almonds

-Laughter, that’s right do something fun, funny, silly, whatever – 3 almonds

-At least 30 minutes learning something of interest, documentary, or engaged in word or number puzzles – 3 almonds

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Day 48 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Less is More Edition

less_is_moreWhat we wanted to explore today was what gets in the way of having a completely satisfactory life? Why can’t we decide we want to lose weight, be healthier, have a spiritual awakening or go back to school and just do it? For most people, it’s the stuff that gets in the way. Stuff being commitments at work, home projects, cleaning, laundry, yard work and it goes on and on. In a book by Leo Babauta, called The Power of Less, Babauta explores the idea that if we had less stuff in our lives, we could really focus on more important things.

In the first chapter, Babauta discusses the kind of world we live in, where more is better. The more includes, cars, clothes, income, houses, vacations, and how we show we are winning at the game of life is having the most stuff. But stuff often just interferes with a deeper satisfaction that comes from very different places. One of Babauta’s strategies, and it does appear he’s figured it out, is choosing things with the most impact. What we would tell you is that if the choice isn’t something that stimulates the mind, develops the spirit, or feeds the body, it is a waste of time. What if we lived by limits but still participated in all life had to offer? Babauta writes specifically about living without limits and offers a superb analogy. If we just received a tax refund and wanted to go on a bit of a spending spree we would go shopping, spend a bunch of money, and wind up with bags full of things, we may or may not have any real use/need for. We wind up with stuff.  Now from time to time it is fun to “treat” yourself but the point is broader. If you said I’m only going to spend $200, no matter what I see, what I fall in love with, I’m only going to spend $200 no matter what. Now you have a clear limit. You look at the clothes, or the electronic gadget and you have to decide what do I really want. What a powerful and practical analogy for what we spend our lives doing. The point here is that without limits, you will spend your life full open, indulging in everything, but those things that truly bring satisfaction.

The essence of limits, the essence of the power of less, is eliminating the clutter. Take some time, make some time and record where your time, your money, your energy goes. Track it for a week. Just like tracking calories, exercise, sleep, fun, stimulating your mind, track where your time and money goes. After this look at what is on the “list” that really matters and what is just adding to your own life’s clutter. As we said earlier if it is not feeding your mind, body or spirit, ask why are you doing it, or why are you buying it?

The elephant in the room, we can sense from our subscribers is that what we do for a living, our work, drives unhappiness. It’s O.K. if we hate our work, if we don’t like anything about it after all, “it pays the bills”. Well we would argue that you should either find a way, for at least a portion of your work, to feed, your body, mind or spirit, or immediately start looking for a new job. This is not Utopian, it is something you control, if you choose to. Again is it adding to the clutter, or is it adding to the quality of your holistic life? This is clearly an important topic and not solved in this one blog, so we will explore it again in the future.

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Day 26 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Accidental Exercise and Those Calories

Healthy food plateDay 25, was the roll out of the Almond App, or the simple, almond tracking system for your holistic transformation. No, you are not going to have all your almonds (or carrots or raisins or…) gone every day. You are going to miss on calories, or on exercise, or on spiritual matters, or mental stimulation, perhaps even having FUN. The point is to do your best, every day and it will become more and more natural. Think of the tracking system as a simple way to see just how well you are doing. It also will help you identify those areas that are not coming along as well as other areas are.

So what about that term, accidental exercise. That is a phrase that actually came out of the way we like to see cities, or towns, or nature. We like to show up and wander, always with an eye open to opportunities for cool little places, or parks or trails….. We call it accidental tourism, meaning we are not sure where we are going or when but we are going to be ready to see, learn and engage. Same is true for opportunities to exercise. Little pockets of time open up and you should use them, whenever possible, for accidental exercise. Recently John had a client meeting. 15 minutes before it was supposed to start, he got a call from the client saying they were running about 15 minutes late, John was a few minutes from their office, so he pulled into the parking lot of a Hampton Inn, parked, bundled up and went for a 20 minute walk-a brisk, 20 minute walk. That is accidental exercise. If you are poised and looking for opportunities you can and will create “accidental opportunities”.

We also introduced calorie, carbohydrate and protein tracking yesterday. There are several ways you can do this- some prefer “write down everything you eat” and how much you ate and at the end of the day look it up. Total traditional folks can use a book, click here for the best one. It will cost you about $10 on Amazon. You can also just search the internet with your list.  John is a loseit fan. Online and basic app accounts are free. The app is a bit clunky likely due to the huge database of food, but it works. We know it is iPhone friendly not sure about Android. The website is quicker but not as intuitive- so there you go. John has used loseit, for more than 5 years and believes the pluses far outweigh the minuses. Another great feature of loseit is you can enter your height, weight, gender and age as well a your weight goals (lose, maintain or gain) and it will calculate the calories you need daily, to hit your goal. This is the best feature for many people. John has found their numbers very accurate for the average metabolism.

Lastly, why do we have you track just carbohydrates and protein? Well if you are staying away from foods with preservatives and other chemicals as we recommend people do, some tend to wind up eating too many pure carbohydrates and therefore not enough protein. We have found if you eat natural food and “force” yourself to eat enough protein, while keeping an eye on your carbohydrates, then the fat you eat (type is very important, think poly and mono unsaturated fats…) takes care of itself.

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