Day 64 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Deeper Thoughts and Realities

reflectionThis blog is coming straight for my heart and soul This blog is written by John.

In 2009 and early 2010 I was traveling up to 80% of each month for business. I was eating pretty well, but only when I was not traveling. Same was true for working out. I did not do it regularly on the road.

 If you had not read the previous days blog on uncluttering please do so now, before reading on.

I had a very cluttered life. Debt, divorce and absolutely no spirituality, for starters. I was a mess, by any account, a physically fit and two thumbs up from the doctor on the annual physical, mess. Fast forward to day 63 of this blog and early 2016. I recently joined Gallup as a workplace consultant specializing in high performance management. I am once again beginning a very heavy travel schedule but things are completely different. This is what an extraordinary life looks like, even with a crazy hectic schedule.

There have been significant changes for me in the last 6 years. First I have God in my life. Not when I’m in trouble and praying for a 2nd chance (for the 1,000th time) presence, no this is the real deal.  It is beautiful and the foundation of all things. Secondly I have the love and support of an amazing woman, you know her, she is the brains behind my66days, and my partner in every way, Deb! The debt is gone, the bad habits behind me. Traveling now looks so very different than it did. NO excuses to not live holistically. Along with business clothes there are workout clothes. A large bag of raw almonds along with some amazingly tasty and nutrition bars (Flyjoy bars rule!) I pack resistance bands and the first thing that goes into my briefcase is not my notes and laptop it is my bible. My job MORE than stimulates my mind so got that covered too.  The essentials for working out, healthy snacking and spiritual food is now the first thing packed not a “if I only had room in my bag” leave behind. Speaking of leaving, leaving Deb for a week sucks, excuse the language but it sucks BIG TIME. Even that is handled so very differently though. The second thing packed after my bible is my iPad. I use it once a day in the evening to Facetime with Deb. We relax together, joke, laugh, but mostly we just share time. Every night, always. I eat very well, actually work out a little more than at home despite the 14 hour days and neither my prayers nor my “time” with Deb is ever cut.

An extraordinary life requires discipline without question. The funny thing is after you find that discipline and practice it daily (count those almonds!) it becomes less discipline and just how you live. If this is your first day reading this blog, go back to day one and start your own 66 day journey, it’s all here. I promise you if you do, you will begin to see and feel, and I mean deep feeling, a peace and a certainty that this is the only way you want to live.

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Day 63 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Unclutter Your Life

unclutter your lifeSo, many of you have been trying to live the “almond life” meaning balancing mind, body and spirit every day. We imagine and  also hear that many of you are feeling different about your life, that there’s an element of peace that now surrounds you. We have also heard from a few of you that it isn’t quite there for you. You expected to feel peace, and you are not. You expected to feel fitter and happier. It is hard to diagnose this without following you through a day. Is it that the food isn’t as wholesome or varied as  is needed, not enough time for spirit, mental stimulation or the body is not getting all of the movement it needs, aerobic and resistance? But what if you are doing everything right, time for reflection, good, healthy food and exercise that is improving health. Where do you look then?

We think often there is  clutter in your life. Before writing another word we want to say both of us have faced and overcome our own demons after years of struggling.   So what is clutter? Clutter can be defined as anything that distracts from emotional or physical peace. Here a few distractions that can sap your peace and fulfillment. There are some people that live with big, ugly secrets. The big ugly, might be debt that has you living from day to day, hoping that you can ponzi scheme your finances to survive another day, closet drinking, eating or drugs that you have lost control over but still a secret to most- an affair that has created emotional distance from your family or porn and it could go on and on. Some clutter could be as simple as a garage, closet or home that is stuffed with things. There’s no organization, no peace, because you find yourself walking around the stuff and every time you buy something new the pile gets higher. So what is the solution?

You don’t have to admit it to anyone but yourself and a higher power, but you are not in control of this. It is the basic principle of AA. It is very difficult to face but without it, there’s no peace, and thus, no change. Once you’ve faced the big ugly, admitted you do not have control over the situation, you must:

  • Stop drinking, drugs or overeating. There are programs to help you, seek then out. If you don’t know of one, contact us and we can help.
  • Set a date to spring clean. Spend the weekend, decluttering your home. Donate what you have not used in a year. If you buy something new, give something away. It is good for you and good for someone else.
  • End the affair. Don’t look back.
  • Stop the porn. It is unhealthy and it contributes to guilt in your life that keeps you from finding peace.
  • Get out of debt. When John’s marriage ended he was deeply in debt and he inherited all of it. When he met Deb, they set goals, paid off all of the debt and now have a financial vision of the future. It can be done with discipline and a plan.

Take a step today, any step. Tomorrow take another one. The point is to admit you are not in control, turn it over, and take the first step. Both John and Deb have had deeply personal issues, John alcoholism and debt and Deb moving on from an abusive childhood. In her 20s she faced the demons got counseling and healed.

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Day 61 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Alkalinity and Your Body Edition

alkaline dcietWe have been hearing a lot about the connection between alkaline and acidic PH in the body and the connection to cancer and other diseases. The premise is this and comes from the extensive research Dr Otto Warburg did on cancer in the 1960s- all normal cells have a requirement for oxygen. Once these cells are deprived of oxygen they can become cancerous. Essentially, alkaline PH is full of oxygen and acidic PH is not. The PH in our bodies depends on what we eat and if we eat right, these levels are balanced. If we eat a diet rich in animal instead of vegetable, the balance is compromised. Sugars and processed food also contribute to creating acid in our bodies and shift us away from the slightly alkaline 7.365 PH our blood should be. As a result of our processed food and high sugar diet Americans are in a state of chronic acidosis more than individuals in other modern countries. In one study high acidic PH levels were associated with osteoporosis in elderly women and as a result, fractures. The theory is that the body borrows calcium in order to correct the issues with PH balance. It can also raid magnesium, iron and other minerals from the body.

Some of the health issues associated with over acidification levels are:
bladder/kidney function
weight gain and obesity
slow digestion
premature aging
mutations leading to cancer

Foods that improve PH balance:
sweet potatoes
alkaline water
fresh vegetables

Stay away from artificial sweeteners like Equal, and aspartame. They also create acidity in the body, similar to processed sugars.

One other little tip:
Take 1/3 teaspoon of soda and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Mix together until it fizzes. Add a bit more soda until it stops. Pour into an 8oz glass of filtered water and drink it. Do this a couple times a week, along with a mainly fresh, vegetable diet.

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Day 56 of 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Vision Can Be Powerful

The iPhone does not do this rainbow justice. It appeared over Deb on the drive home after a particularly difficult day.

John has been reading John Maxwell’s very first book, “Think on These Things, Meditations for Leaders”. Given to John as a Christmas present, it is very different from most of Maxwell’s books. This certainly fits into to the mental stimulation part of John’s day. Bonus here is the book is written from a deeply Christian point of view as well. So, John is getting some good spiritual enrichment as well. A son of a minister and written before he was a leadership guru, the influence of Maxwell’s upbringing is throughout this wonderful and thoughtful book.

The book is really a collection of short, two to four page thoughts pieces, on a wide array of topics, loosely under the leadership umbrella. To John more under the life umbrella for those that interact with others, which he believes is most of us. The section to be focused on tonight is entitled, “See it Like It Could Be” It starts out with a quote from George Bernard Shaw ,”Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream of things that never were and say why not?” He is talking about vision and vision is critically important to leading an extraordinary life. To sustain your holistic lifestyle, you need the foundation of 66 days of dedicated intense focus on your body, mind and spirit. That is the easy part- the challenge comes from sustaining it for the rest of your life. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this is something we both use every day, vision. Some might call it belief, others, hope, maybe even faith but at the end of whichever word you embrace, is a picture of the end state. You need to see yourself, healthy, happy and full of life and energy. You must believe it. In other words, “see it like it could be” really can become see it like it will be. When we apply this to a holistic life we need action, we need a plan. Remember that faith without works is dead. Same for anything. No matter how vivid the vision or strong the belief, without daily action to work towards it, you will never reach it.

shopping john
Heading in for some shopping at the organic market…yum

We have given you all the pieces you need to live an extraordinary life, based on a holistic lifestyle. We hope that we have inspired you, maybe even challenged you to go after this amazing gift. The truth is if you let the excitement wane, if life gets in the way of living, you will not sustain what you have started. This is why simple things like the almond app is so important. This is why we say every day you need spiritual enrichment, mental and physical stimulation, and you need to feed your body with pure food and water. Maintain that vision of health and happiness with you and let it guide you. Absent of such a belief, such a vision, and the commitment to achieve it, you have no idea where you will end up. Might be a good place, might be a bad one, but like the saying goes, when you have no destination, all roads will take you there.

The destination is an extraordinary life, we have given you the map. “See It Like It Could Be” as John Maxwell says and reach your destination.

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Day 54 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Best of Part II

reflection part IIWe covered some, best of, about our simple holistic tracking program, feeding our minds and basic diet guidelines yesterday. Today some, best of, on exercise and on spirituality. By the way best of really means selected topics to keep you focused or help you get focused. These posts are chock full of information, tips and direct guidance to transform yourself to living a holistic life. Use them as your personal reference library.  When you do, it will be extraordinary.

This truly is the best post on caring for your spirit. Contributed by John’s sister Liz;

….It’s the third topic here – caring for our spirit – which I’d like to talk about here. Caring for spirit needed to be integrated into our gypsy lifestyle. As John and Deb have stated before, it’s simple, but not always easy.

So here’s what I have most recently discovered. As John and Deb remind us, caring for spirit can occur in a number of ways: finding time for prayer, time for meditation, walking along the beach, watching a sunset, listening to music, for example. The key to the care of spirit is being present and attentive to what is going on right in front of you.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how this has unfolded for me. Our lifestyle now involves driving from place to place, endless hours of sitting in the passenger seat as my husband tows the trailer. I am sometimes asked how I “pass the time” while he drives. Do I listen to books on tape, in order to pass the time? Actually, I don’t.

Here’s why. About two weeks into the trip, I began to see little details in the towns and places that we passed along the roads. We travel mostly blue highways which means we get up close to communities and the people who live there. We drove through small towns with peculiar names (like Frostproof or Yeehaw Junction); we passed the local cafes that posted their specialties (like alligator stew, and possum jerky); we drove along empty stretches of highway that parallel old roads that seem to go nowhere and left me wondering why they were there; I observed the way the sky changed as weather moved in or out.

I stopped trying to escape the hours in the car and began to see them differently. I consciously decided that I needed to turn off the inpatient part of my brain (not an easy task for many of us) and settle into seeing what was right there in front of me. And without any chatter, or judging or comparing, I just noticed and observed and realized I really need to look at what was right here. This is another kind of spiritual practice. No need to go to church, to pick up a prayer book, just pay attention to what is right here, right now. To paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, the past is over, the future isn’t here yet, what we have is this moment, the present.

Caring for spirit happens whenever we turn off our busy mind, the thinking part of us that we use in our jobs, to make sure the shopping gets done, to get the bills paid, and keep our lives organized. Caring for spirit makes room for really seeing, really listening, to the silence, for the stillness, for experiencing the detail as all part of the larger tapestry which is our extraordinary life. Be present. Be here. See God in the details. Care for spirit.

A best of on exercise: The POWER of Accidental Exercise!

So what is accidental fitness? It is the art and science of maximizing both aerobic and anaerobic (resistance training to stimulate your muscles) during your day, not in addition to your day. Here is a list of things, many of which, anyone can do if they make exercise a priority.

  • Park WAY out in the parking lot if you drive to work and when you go to any place you shop. Not only will you increase your steps you will get significantly fewer dings from neighboring car doors. The quicker your pace the closer to that “brisk” threshold we often speak of.
  • When getting ready for work do “lunge” steps when walking around your home. Do the same at home in the evening. You could do this at work as well although fellow associates might question your sanity….
  • Keep some small free weights or better yet resistance bands, in your locker or at your desk (check with your supervisor, some companies have…interesting rules about this). Do resistance exercises throughout the day when you have a free hand.
  • “Fidget” at your desk whenever you can. If you have a mostly sedentary job you can burn up to 350 calories extra calories a day, not bad!
  • Stand when on the phone. If practical, walk in place when on conference calls, this all adds up, and adds up quickly!
  • Around the house spend more time playing outside with the kids than helping them with their video game settings. No kids, perfect, still spend more time outside moving. You can after all spend free time where ever you want to; John & Deb always prefer outside to inside.  Too cold outside, well walk in place while watching TV or listening to music.
  • Start or join a walking club at work- always great to have other people to walk and talk to. Too hard to get one started or there is no interest, go walking anyway at lunch. Remember “brisk walking” (we have a specific video on this, link at bottom of every blog). Lunch is a great time for those minimum 15 minutes of brisk walking by the way.
  • If your body allows, do squats (they are tough on the knees) while at your desk. John and Deb love wall squats, where you brace your back to a wall and “squat” as low as you can and hold for as long as you can.

The list is only limited by your imagination and your commitment to living an extraordinary life. At the end of the day it is about priorities. We promise you that if you do, as we suggest, for 66 consecutive days, you will find the synergy of mind, body and spirit, will open the gateway to an extraordinary life.

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Day 53 of Your 66 Day To An Extraordinary Life – “Best Of” Edition

reflectionTwo weeks left until day 66! People have asked what then? No the blog is not over, remember this is a lifestyle change and a life long commitment. The 66 Days is just boot camp/basic training, if you will.

We thought it important to hit some of the most important pieces of the last 52 posts. This will help you get focused, stay focused or reinforce what you are doing. This is part one of a two, maybe three part series. Here we go!

The Almond app is how you track your holistic life daily. Substitute raisins or baby carrots or give the almonds to the squirrels but you must have a system! Remember you start your day with 30 almonds and munch ‘um (starting with previous nights sleep), as you get your holistic living items done.

-7+ hours of sleep – 3 almonds

-At least 30 minutes of reflection, prayer, Reiki, meditation… – 3 almonds

-A minimum of 1/4 of an ounce (try to get to 1/3) of water per pound of body weight – 3 almonds

-A minimum of 15 minutes of brisk exercise and a total of 45 additional minutes of “accidental exercise – 3 almonds

-Within 100 calories (above or below) your daily caloric goal – 3 almonds

-80% of your calories come from unprocessed foods – 3 almonds

-No more than 60% of your calories come from carbohydrates – 3 almonds

-At least 20% of your calories come from protein – 3 almonds

-Laughter, that’s right do something fun, funny, silly, whatever – 3 almonds

-At least 30 minutes learning something of interest, documentary, or engaged in word or number puzzles – 3 almonds

That’s it for that, simple and powerful.

From Day 29 a section on the power of our mind and how to “feed it”

Dr Amen talks about feeding your brain to look and feel younger. A few hints here include actually decreasing the calories that you need. He says having the right nutrients is far more important then a lot of calories. So go ahead, restrict calories but increase organic vegetables, increase water, because hydration is critical. Here you see yet another source talking about the importance of water. Curbs appetite, hydrates the body, helps flush impurities it is just a wonderful thing for us. Additionally according to Dr Amen and many other doctors increase your activity. By activity, he means walking, running, weight resistance or any other activity that increases respiratory or heart rate for a period of 30 minutes or more. So, is Dr Amen saying that mind and body are directly connected?-absolutely.  He couldn’t be clearer about that. We would of course add the spiritual link to this because we will always believe you must have all three elements to achieve an extraordinary life.

From Day ONE. Eat right, and we LOVE those protein shakes.

-Portion control is critically important. Portions about the size of your fist and no more than three per meal. We strongly recommend a journal to record everything you eat and a calorie look up. There are books with calories counts as well as many online sources. has a calorie counter you can use online or you can load on your smart phone. Lose it also has an app for smart phones and an online counter at

We cannot possible know your likes and dislikes with respect to food so we offer sample meals, just remember stay away from highly processed foods…….and snack items that are anything more than 10-12 almonds, walnuts or pecans or fresh vegetables, like carrot sticks. these are unlimited.

Breakfast – The protein shakes you have seen on our blog and our video is a great meal. Other favorites are an egg or two with a piece of whole wheat toast or some natural granola with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt. Yogurt and protein shakes are the preference because they are very high in protein something that is critical for your first meal of the day.

Lunch- small salad from home or I eat Subway chopped salads since the calories and size are predictable. I always have them add spinach, which adds nutrients.

Dinner-We have salmon and vegetable beef soup on our blog and videos. More potential items will be added.

Snacks – We love to see people eat nuts, almonds are our favorite either raw or lightly salted, with sea salt and roasted. You can also snack on baby organic carrots, raisins or some granola.

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Day 52 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – No, Really, Age is Just a Number

mature fitnessThis is a “continuation” blog, meaning we are writing more about what we wrote on day 51. Yesterday, we had discussed a different topic for this morning’s post but then we went to dinner. We have been visiting churches in our area, still searching for a new church home. Last night we had dinner with the Minister of a church we have been attending for about a month. During the get to know you portion, that always occurs, we realized all of us had 84+ mothers in various degrees of health. The minister shared with us his mother, age 92, was fighting the challenges of post cancer treatments. He also dropped an oh by the way that she just set the world record for the oldest person to complete a full marathon. We were stunned. We had seen this story on CBS Sunday morning, a month or so ago and were brought to tears by the tenacity of this woman. Fast forward to last night and we are eating dinner with her son. How cool is that! The 61 year old minster, also just coming out of a bought with cancer himself, has been inspired to join his Mom next year. Yes, she plans on running the San Diego marathon at age 93.

Well, if you need further proof of the myth of chronological aging, even when fighting something as horrible as cancer, look no further than this lady and her son. We talk about this transformation being a permanent change of lifestyle and along with that change comes many benefits. The primary benefit is a leveling off, or actually a reduction in your functional age- the age your body (including your mind which we always feel compelled to mention even though most of us know our brain/mind is part of our body) really is. You have a massive affect on your health, the earlier you start living holistically, the better, but if you are 85 and have never done anything close to this, start today. We are bombarded with preconceived notions about our age which we need to simply disregard. An example of this is until 10 years ago, it was strongly considered dangerous for people over the age of 60 to do resistance training. They were….too old. You might remember an earlier post when we talked about people past 40 losing 1-2% of their muscle mass per year. We also wrote that this could be halted and in fact reversed, meaning a 60 year old can ADD muscle. What we did not make clear is, why people past 40 lose muscle mass. The assumption would be it is just part of the aging process. This fits nicely into the narrative that our bodies just decline because they do. The reality is the narrative drives the deterioration, not our bodies. Said another way we are told to start “taking it easy” as we age. So since we are getting older we do exactly that, the result is we begin to atrophy. The more we atrophy the more we slow down. We are O.K. with this because after all we are getting older. Even our friends and family join in and typically either give us a pass or even worse warn us about too much activity.

Stop the madness and get control of your life. Absolutely work with your doctor, especially if you have not been living an active, healthy lifestyle, but at the end of the day it is your body. Aging is part of life, getting old is a choice. I’m sticking with that until I stop seeing people like Mom Vincent working out with resistance bands at 92 and the minster’s mom cranking out a full marathon at the same age.


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Day 51 if Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Age Really Is Just a Number

age-is-just-a-numberBlessed to have surpassed 700 readers with subscribers signing up regularly. We had a testimonial come in from a healthy, active reader (he loves snowboarding), near 70, who made some simple adjustments to his diet and “movement” and has lost 12 pounds since he started reading our blog a little over a month ago. Way to go, Peter!

Peter is nearly 70, but we bet he does not think, act, or even understand what “70” means. We are conditioned from birth to “act our age” . When young, we never seem quite mature enough. As we age, society is designed to slow us down, to inhibit adventure, learning and exploring. It is not a conspiracy, it is just learned behavior. There is a relatively new field of study called, gerokinesiology. Essentially the study of the effect exercise has on helping in the prevention of getting old. If you really study it (John is pursuing his certification in senior fitness training) you will find it really encompasses, body, mind and spirit. You see at the end of the day, within certain limits, and excluding ravaging disease, or accidents, getting old is optional.

There are three types of age, chronological age, biological age and functional age. We have been trained since birth to pay attention exclusively, to chronological age. The problem is it is a terrible measure of what our age actually is. We do not deteriorate on some straight, line bar graph. Our genetics, life style including our physical and social environments, as well as our body, mind and spirit are contributing factors.  These factors, when combined with disease and physical impairment, due to accidents, or other factors, lead to biological or primary age. We lose function and we get older and older. Lastly we have functional age. This is where we focus, and it is the most accurate measure of what age we really are. We can measure it through fitness, cognitive tests and assessments- medical tests of our blood, urine, heart and other organs.  The funny part is these tests all refer back to chronological age. “You have the heart of a 40 year old”. “Your fitness test puts you in the 70-75 year range” (not good when you are 50 by the way). So our goal, is to reduce your functional age because age really is just a number.

The more you study gerokinesiology the more you clearly see that a holistic life, significantly reduces your biological age, and therefore the most important age, your functional age. The earlier in life you embrace a holistic life the “younger” you will be, period. That being said it is never to late to start! Slowing the process of getting old can start at any age. Remember John’s Mom started using resistance bands for toning at age 92! No you are not going to live forever, but we are designed to live 110-120 years. Few if any of us reading or writing this blog will get there but what about a wonderful quality of life into your 80’s? Change your mindset TODAY. Forget chronological age, it truly is just a number. Live holistically and reduce your biological age, which will absolutely reduce your real age, your functional age.

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Day 43 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Will and Skill Edition

will there is a wayThis is simple, it is just not easy, but we are here to help, just ask!

As happens often with our blog it starts with a conversation between us over a very broad topic. In this discussion, it was about a question, do people not really think about their health and the control they have over it, or do they just not know the simple things they can do to improve their quality of life? As we talked, it came down to, if people do know their lifestyles are not healthy, then is it a matter of will? If they simply do not know, then is it a matter of skill (knowledge plus practice)?

So the two topics for today’s blog emerged, will and skill. We will start with skill. We are amazed, nearly daily, how many bright, well educated or life experienced people simply do not know the basics of living healthier. So we hope this blog is a helpful guide for people that do not have the knowledge. We thought maybe it is too much, too fast- maybe we need to start with basics, super basics and grow. So here you go :)

Simply do the following three things every day:

IF YOU SMOKE STOP, DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO BUT STOP (John smoked 2 packs a day for years so we understand this is not easy but it is simple, stop smoking!)

1-Drink 1/3 to 1/2 ounce of water for every pound you weigh. Weigh 150 lbs, try to drink between 50 and 75 oz. of water.

2- Eat vegetables with every meal. At least the size of your fist but no limit to how much.

3. Move fast enough every day do that you can still talk but need to take a quick breath every three of four words. Do this for 20 minutes.

Start with the most fundamental things. We can grow and we need to grow from these three basic things but starting small and growing is a great way to gain skill.

So what if it is a matter of will.”Where there is a will, there is a way”, but you need that will first. We talked a great deal about that word “will”. Easy to right it off as lazy, or not focused, or undisciplined but we think it is more basic and more powerful than that. People do not feel the urgency, so why change? Until you get to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired, you don’t think about it. Until you or a close friend or family member has a heart attack at 55, the alarm does not go off. We do not think people that live unhealthy lives, and have the skill to do something about are anything other than unconscious, when it comes to the very tiny damage, we do daily, that over time becomes catastrophic.

John likened this state of unconsciousness to his battle with alcohol for more nearly 40 years. 25+ as an alcoholic and 13 years in recovery. Now before you read another word, we are not saying people that do not live a holistic life are addicts. We are saying it is possible they may share a dangerous characteristic. John reflects back to his active drinking and realizes how he really was so often unconscious when it came to the potential danger associated with his drinking. Unconscious to the immediate danger and absolutely unconscious to the long term danger. He got sober when he became conscious. So if you now moving more, eating and sleeping better, and filling your life with some type of spiritual element, and eating healthier, but you are not  really taking the action called commitment, perhaps you are just not forcing yourself to be conscious.

We say stimulate your conscious mind by doing some simple google searchers about what obesity leads to. Go to the Mayo Clinic site. and search exercise and sleep benefits. Shock your conscious into reading nearly 90% of coronary heart disease, the #1 killer in America is preventable. More than 90% of the 25,000,000 people afflicted with type II diabetes are also dealing with a preventable disease. The research is undeniable. Like an alcoholic finally really looking in the mirror and realizing the insanity has to stop, perhaps research from outside of these blog posts will lead you to where poor health always leads.

We know this post runs the risk of sounding preachy or maybe even condescending, we certainly hope that is not your feelings. We just see so much pain and suffering due to a lack of holistic living, either due to a hole in spirituality, or diets, or movement, challenging minds or a combination of one or more. Email us if you do not want to post a comment ( We just want to help people live better.

This is simple, it is just not easy, but we are here to help, just ask!

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Day 42 of Your 66 Days To An Extrordinary Life – Life Tip Edition

Family reunion May 2015
Family matters!

We came across a very powerful list of tips to create more of a balance in life with mind, body and spirit. Great site, check it out. We are going to expand on some of their tips.

1. Exercise – There is a reason we talk about this more than anything else, also why it is the first thing listed in the article. The best way to counter act the effects of aging, the clarity of your thinking, your energy levels and the list goes on and on

2. Be grateful – Stop to think about the things you have going for you and appreciate them. Positivity is so important to our mind and to our spirit. Although a cliche’, people who see their glass half full, truly have a higher quality of life. Being grateful is the root of positivity, and an enormously powerful state of mind.

3. Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is regenerative for your body. The more sleep you get the better you will perform the next day. Not getting enough sleep, will inhibit weight loss and facilitate weight gain. It also interferes with clarity and focus of your mind and your energy level.

5. Ground yourself – Literally. Plant your bare feet on the earth as often as possible. Might sound silly but literally connecting to the earth can help you connect holistically to YOU.

6. Eat organic – Chemicals are killing pests on the crops. They are not good for you either. Locally sourced fresh food, is always your best choice, Co-ops, farmers markets, eat local and eat fresh.

7. Smile more – It feels great :) There is a reason you “earn almonds” by laughing or having fun for 30 minutes a day. Smiling and having FUN are so important to a healthy life.

8. Spend more time with loved ones – In our busy lives we need to make time for the people who matter to us most. Even if you are not closely located, text, call, facetime. Do what you need to do to be with those that matter most.

9. Live your passion – Do more of what you love. In fact do as much of what you love as you possibly can. This is not fantasy land. Figure out the “most  importants” and do more of it or them- No excuses.

10. Meditate – Set some time aside each day to rest your mind. We would add prayer, solice or a walk in the woods. Anything to get out of yourself and into the larger universe.

11. Drink clean water – Get a filtration system for your drinking water. Then drink as much water as you can. Remember the rule about 1/3 to 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day. Yes, that is alot but your holistic body will thank you.

12. Get outdoors more – Go for a hike and enjoy nature. It is not an accident that almost every picture you see of John and Deb is outside. They do actually sleep inside, for the most part, and their careers also keep them inside but whenever they can, they LOVE THE OUTDOORS. It brings you closer to the world and your spirit. (see tip # 5)

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