Day 58 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Not so “fresh” food

junk in our foodEvery time we turn around there is something new about a restaurant, Chipotle and e.coli, the sodium levels at Olive Garden, and it goes on and on. By the way Chipotle’s issues, hurt our heart because overall it is one of the better chain choices (more on this a bit later). We’ve talked about Subway quite often and because Deb generally eats out for lunch, it’s been her “go to” place because it is close.  Deb would have a chopped salad with a spoonful of tuna but now we hear it isn’t any better than a double thick burger at…fill in the blank. Add “fresh” to your list of BAD words and phrases. Words like “natural” or “low sodium”, “fat free” and or “sugar free”.  “Eat fresh” is a great tagline, in fact it sucked us in and we really pay attention to what goes in our bodies. The reality is, is fresh really means the turkey, or at least what Subway calls turkey, may not be frozen but it contains more preservatives and chemicals than the cheapest pack of cold cuts in your grocery store. A few specifics about Subway. The black olives have dye that keep them black. The bread contains azodicarbonamide, a bleaching agent most commonly used, wait for it, in the production of foamed plastics! Of course Deb always knew not to eat the bread or meat, but even Deb never saw that coming. There’s a host of other things we were surprised to hear and now we find ourselves eating out less and less. Now, our go to place is the restaurant at the Organic Marketplace. You know exactly what you are getting and it is delicious. So, how is it possible to live a super, busy life and very rarely get in the car to go out during the week or dial up pizza? Well all is not lost. Deb is going to give you some great ideas on making “mass meals” but we wanted to provide a list of the healthiest chains according to

-Panera Bread – We eat here once a week and although sodium runs high, overall it is the best large scale chain out there, by far

-Jason’s Deli

-Au Bon Pain

Finally, a drum roll, please. When you are really running late and did not get your protein drink made go to, McDonalds, yes McDonalds and get an egg McMuffin. At 300 calories it is a pretty well balanced breakfast. NOT something you eat daily but it is predictable, available on every corner and gives you a good protein infusion, which is critical in the morning.

On Sundays Deb make meals for the week. This last Sunday she made turkey white bean chili and turkey Italian meat ball soup. For Deb’s turkey white bean recipe see the link below. We actually have a full video (don’t worry it’s like 6 minutes long) on making this very healthy meal. Tomorrow she will provide the recipe for turkey italian meat ball soup.

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2 thoughts on “Day 58 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Not so “fresh” food”

  1. Great article John. I think people would be amazed at what actually goes into the goods we eat everyday. The misleading labeling and terminology certainly doesn’t help people with making smart choices.

    1. Shawn you are so right. The reality is words like “fresh”, “natural”, sugar or fat free actually should raise concern. We are blessed with an awesome organic market that has a restaurant. We know when we eat there, we eat real food! Read labels and beware. THANKS FOR THE COMMENT

      Deb & John

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