Day 61 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Alkalinity and Your Body Edition

alkaline dcietWe have been hearing a lot about the connection between alkaline and acidic PH in the body and the connection to cancer and other diseases. The premise is this and comes from the extensive research Dr Otto Warburg did on cancer in the 1960s- all normal cells have a requirement for oxygen. Once these cells are deprived of oxygen they can become cancerous. Essentially, alkaline PH is full of oxygen and acidic PH is not. The PH in our bodies depends on what we eat and if we eat right, these levels are balanced. If we eat a diet rich in animal instead of vegetable, the balance is compromised. Sugars and processed food also contribute to creating acid in our bodies and shift us away from the slightly alkaline 7.365 PH our blood should be. As a result of our processed food and high sugar diet Americans are in a state of chronic acidosis more than individuals in other modern countries. In one study high acidic PH levels were associated with osteoporosis in elderly women and as a result, fractures. The theory is that the body borrows calcium in order to correct the issues with PH balance. It can also raid magnesium, iron and other minerals from the body.

Some of the health issues associated with over acidification levels are:
bladder/kidney function
weight gain and obesity
slow digestion
premature aging
mutations leading to cancer

Foods that improve PH balance:
sweet potatoes
alkaline water
fresh vegetables

Stay away from artificial sweeteners like Equal, and aspartame. They also create acidity in the body, similar to processed sugars.

One other little tip:
Take 1/3 teaspoon of soda and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Mix together until it fizzes. Add a bit more soda until it stops. Pour into an 8oz glass of filtered water and drink it. Do this a couple times a week, along with a mainly fresh, vegetable diet.

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2 thoughts on “Day 61 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Alkalinity and Your Body Edition”

    1. Ginny,

      There are some articles out there about apple cider vinegar helping with weight loss but our main research source (yes the Mayo Clinic) says there is zero legitimate research to support that claim. We would be more concerned of the extremely high acidity of vinegar and would recommend not taking it. If you would share what your goals are we would be happy to make suggestions. THANK YOU for your question.

      Deb & John

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