Day 63 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Unclutter Your Life

unclutter your lifeSo, many of you have been trying to live the “almond life” meaning balancing mind, body and spirit every day. We imagine and  also hear that many of you are feeling different about your life, that there’s an element of peace that now surrounds you. We have also heard from a few of you that it isn’t quite there for you. You expected to feel peace, and you are not. You expected to feel fitter and happier. It is hard to diagnose this without following you through a day. Is it that the food isn’t as wholesome or varied as  is needed, not enough time for spirit, mental stimulation or the body is not getting all of the movement it needs, aerobic and resistance? But what if you are doing everything right, time for reflection, good, healthy food and exercise that is improving health. Where do you look then?

We think often there is  clutter in your life. Before writing another word we want to say both of us have faced and overcome our own demons after years of struggling.   So what is clutter? Clutter can be defined as anything that distracts from emotional or physical peace. Here a few distractions that can sap your peace and fulfillment. There are some people that live with big, ugly secrets. The big ugly, might be debt that has you living from day to day, hoping that you can ponzi scheme your finances to survive another day, closet drinking, eating or drugs that you have lost control over but still a secret to most- an affair that has created emotional distance from your family or porn and it could go on and on. Some clutter could be as simple as a garage, closet or home that is stuffed with things. There’s no organization, no peace, because you find yourself walking around the stuff and every time you buy something new the pile gets higher. So what is the solution?

You don’t have to admit it to anyone but yourself and a higher power, but you are not in control of this. It is the basic principle of AA. It is very difficult to face but without it, there’s no peace, and thus, no change. Once you’ve faced the big ugly, admitted you do not have control over the situation, you must:

  • Stop drinking, drugs or overeating. There are programs to help you, seek then out. If you don’t know of one, contact us and we can help.
  • Set a date to spring clean. Spend the weekend, decluttering your home. Donate what you have not used in a year. If you buy something new, give something away. It is good for you and good for someone else.
  • End the affair. Don’t look back.
  • Stop the porn. It is unhealthy and it contributes to guilt in your life that keeps you from finding peace.
  • Get out of debt. When John’s marriage ended he was deeply in debt and he inherited all of it. When he met Deb, they set goals, paid off all of the debt and now have a financial vision of the future. It can be done with discipline and a plan.

Take a step today, any step. Tomorrow take another one. The point is to admit you are not in control, turn it over, and take the first step. Both John and Deb have had deeply personal issues, John alcoholism and debt and Deb moving on from an abusive childhood. In her 20s she faced the demons got counseling and healed.

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