Day 64 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Deeper Thoughts and Realities

reflectionThis blog is coming straight for my heart and soul This blog is written by John.

In 2009 and early 2010 I was traveling up to 80% of each month for business. I was eating pretty well, but only when I was not traveling. Same was true for working out. I did not do it regularly on the road.

 If you had not read the previous days blog on uncluttering please do so now, before reading on.

I had a very cluttered life. Debt, divorce and absolutely no spirituality, for starters. I was a mess, by any account, a physically fit and two thumbs up from the doctor on the annual physical, mess. Fast forward to day 63 of this blog and early 2016. I recently joined Gallup as a workplace consultant specializing in high performance management. I am once again beginning a very heavy travel schedule but things are completely different. This is what an extraordinary life looks like, even with a crazy hectic schedule.

There have been significant changes for me in the last 6 years. First I have God in my life. Not when I’m in trouble and praying for a 2nd chance (for the 1,000th time) presence, no this is the real deal.  It is beautiful and the foundation of all things. Secondly I have the love and support of an amazing woman, you know her, she is the brains behind my66days, and my partner in every way, Deb! The debt is gone, the bad habits behind me. Traveling now looks so very different than it did. NO excuses to not live holistically. Along with business clothes there are workout clothes. A large bag of raw almonds along with some amazingly tasty and nutrition bars (Flyjoy bars rule!) I pack resistance bands and the first thing that goes into my briefcase is not my notes and laptop it is my bible. My job MORE than stimulates my mind so got that covered too.  The essentials for working out, healthy snacking and spiritual food is now the first thing packed not a “if I only had room in my bag” leave behind. Speaking of leaving, leaving Deb for a week sucks, excuse the language but it sucks BIG TIME. Even that is handled so very differently though. The second thing packed after my bible is my iPad. I use it once a day in the evening to Facetime with Deb. We relax together, joke, laugh, but mostly we just share time. Every night, always. I eat very well, actually work out a little more than at home despite the 14 hour days and neither my prayers nor my “time” with Deb is ever cut.

An extraordinary life requires discipline without question. The funny thing is after you find that discipline and practice it daily (count those almonds!) it becomes less discipline and just how you live. If this is your first day reading this blog, go back to day one and start your own 66 day journey, it’s all here. I promise you if you do, you will begin to see and feel, and I mean deep feeling, a peace and a certainty that this is the only way you want to live.

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