Day 65 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Eating Out Alert Edition Part II

not so healthyAs we have written about several times, eating out is never as healthy as eating in with food you prepare. When you choose the fresh vegetables, the organic berries from the local farmers market you pretty much know what you are getting. That being said eating out is fun, eating out is a treat. Sometimes you just don’t want to have another thing to do (make a meal). So reality, this life thing, makes eating out something we all do. There is another really important reason to eat out at healthy places. If you don’t they will go away and you will be left with the waste land of fast food crap. So EAT local, shop LOCAL and support your local businesses. We feel this in spades because we are not just holistic believers we are entrepreneurs so BUY LOCAL. O.K. back on point…..So since we are going to eat out and this is about changing your life to live an extraordinary one by living holistically how do you make the best choices?

There are more and more local, organic based, fresh food cafe’s and restaurants. This is a wonderful choice for two reasons. BUY local is powerful. Don’t complain there is no organic fruit and vegetables in your local market if you don’t suck up the higher cost and buy them. Deb goes a step further and consistently tells whomever she comes in contact with you need more organic…… in the market we go to most often. Be a polite militant and perhaps this food finds itself into their coffee/sandwich shop and now you have another place. In other words you must be politely militant about wanting healthy, locally sourced, truly fresh choices.

What if you are traveling or if there just is not a great local joint? Are there any chain restaurants out there that are decent? We got such a huge thumbs us from our Subway post and the crock that their “eat fresh” tagline is we figured why not tell you where to avoid eating. Now the danger here is you might assume if we do not list it, it is good food, NO it just means it is either to small for us to look at our it is not terrible. Please read the first paragraph again. The best is what you make yourself, second best local organic joints that use locally sourced foods. Last healthy choice is everything else. So here are three broad categories, if you will, of joints to avoid.

First of all forget ALL the chain pizza joints, Domino’s, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Cici’s Little Caesar’s, forget them ALL. CRAZY sodium levels and saturated fat all over the place and that is just for starters. The WORST of the worst is Sbarro’s Pizza. Yes John LOVES Sbarro’s but it is a twice a year guilty pleasure. Over sized portions and just CRAZY fat, sodium and calories.

Next any fried chicken joint. Sounds obvious but people will talk themselves into these places by saying, “the pinto beans are good” or, “The small slaw isn’t bad” KFC, Bojangles, Church’s, Popeye’s etc. FRIED = trans fats and nothing more needs to be said, stay away, stay away.

Lastly the burger palaces. McDonalds and Burger King. We know we have “endorsed” the egg McMuffin but with a bunch of “last resort” disclaimers” As a general rule WAY to many calories and saturated fat in way to much of their food.

Some of these places do have reasonable food choices and are adding more but are you disciplined enough to skip the fried chicken meal for a grilled, skinless breast? Even if you are the odds that the chicken you are eating is not shot full of anti-biotics and growth hormones is a bit of a dice roll.  We will close by saying, none of these places are going to kill you if you indulge once in a while but a steady diet (more than one meal a week) is NOT going to help your health.

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Eat local, eat truly fresh, eat organic!

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2 thoughts on “Day 65 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – Eating Out Alert Edition Part II”

  1. What do you make of Chipotle? Their calorie count is much higher than I expected, with a near-1000 cal for a non-meat burrito.

    1. Stefanie,

      Start with 45 grams of fat (18 saturated) cheese, sour cream etc. and then another 104 grams of carbs from the tortilla and you are at 800. It gets worse, there are just under 2,000 mg of sodium, nearly the FDA’s FULL DAY recommended allowance. Bottom line education is key, many “healthy choices” are anything but. For a meal at Chipotle with about 550 calories, the veggie bowl with rice, pinto beans, salsa along with a touch of sour cream and cheese is a much better choice.

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