Day 66 of Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life – DAY 66 IS HERE!!!!!

almondsDespite, business and personal travel. Despite insane demands in our careers at the beginning of 2016 that continue. Despite some family health issues bordering on crisis, we did what we said we would do on 1 January. Publish a fresh blog post, every day for 66 days. We hope this serves as an example of making a commitment and letting nothing, and we mean nothing, get in the way. This blog is going to move to a less frequent number of post as we transition to writing the book about living an extraordinary life. Please follow us on twitter, @my66days. More than 15,000 people already do. This is where we will continue to post daily and where you will hear first of updates to the book etc.

For our last blog, we thought no more suggestions or advice. We just want to leave you with the almond app program. If parts do not make sense, or you need to learn more, or have questions there are 65 days of knowledge to draw from. We also invite you to email us at if you are not comfortable posting a comment.

Here are your specifics:

-7+ hours of sleep – 3 almonds

-At least 30 minutes of reflection, prayer, Reiki, meditation… – 3 almonds

-A minimum of 1/4 of an ounce (try to get to 1/3) of water per pound of body weight – 3 almonds

-A minimum of 15 minutes of brisk exercise and a total of 45 additional minutes of “accidental exercise – 3 almonds

-Within 100 calories (above or below) your daily caloric goal – 3 almonds

-80% of your calories come from unprocessed foods – 3 almonds

-No more than 60% of your calories come from carbohydrates – 3 almonds

-At least 20% of your calories come from protein – 3 almonds

-Laughter, that’s right do something fun, funny, silly, whatever – 3 almonds

-At least 30 minutes learning something of interest, documentary, or engaged in word or number puzzles – 3 almonds

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