Day 8 of Your 66 Transformation to an Extraordinary Life

 spiritual pictureGood morning, be sure to check back later today and go to our youtube channel. We have 3 or 4 new videos being edited that will be posted by early evening. As always at the bottom of every blog is our link to our youtube channel, good stuff there.

So we talked a bit about spirituality yesterday and will write a bit more about it today. We have found spirituality to be the “toughest” area for people that are not already spiritual to embrace. Said another way, deeply spiritual people that want to look, and or feel better, or who hear about the importance of challenging their minds, tend to come on board with mind and body quicker than others. Often we find that our gym rats and researchers that walk and think, but have nothing to do with, “that spiritual stuff” are slower to come around. Well, we are absolutely committed to the fact that an extraordinary life can only come from the synergy produced by all three.

One of the most interesting aspects of spirituality research is how many faiths really do not see things from the combination of three areas; they see our beings as just one entity.  For example in Christianity physical health was fully integrated into the faith; 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 says ” Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you that you have from God. You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” In addition, early Christians saw health as an important aspect of Christianity and health was actually one of the cornerstones that helped the church grow. These Christian’s faith made them care enough to be responsible citizens in a putrid environment. Spiritual healing was not a separate thing from physical healing. From an Islamic perspective health is viewed as one of the greatest blessing that man has bestowed on mankind. God has entrusted us with our bodies for a predestined period of time. He will hold us accountable for how we look after our bodies in health. Buddhism regards life as the unity of the physical and spiritual. It views all things, where the material or spiritual, seen or unseen, as manifestations of the same ultimate universal law.

We used faith based spiritual examples above but you may find forms of meditation or Tai Chi or Yoga to be your spiritual foundation. As Christians Deb & John have their unwavering beliefs but they also are respectful of other viewpoints. Start or continue to incorporate spirituality into your everyday routine; it is a powerful part of an extraordinary life.

If after a week you are getting a bit tired of just taking those brisk walks change it up a bit. Climb some stairs if you can, or start doing some light stretching exercises in addition to the walks. John’s 93 year old mother recently started working with resistance bands and has already seen and felt a difference. She is not doing this as part of some rehab or physical therapy program; this is something she just started doing in conjunction with hourly walks (with her walker) around her house. If Mom can do it, what the heck is your excuse?

Keep track of your food every day. Again do not cheat; it is critical you eat well with unprocessed foods, making up the vast majority of your food intake. That being said you also need to watch those calories. Remember you are working towards a complete change of lifestyle here, not a fad. We want each of you to retrain yourselves so that mind, body and spirit is ingrained, unconsciously, into everything you do. W promise you the result will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Day 7 of Your 66 Day Transformation to an Extraordinary Life

IMG_1512Spirituality, our topic today, is the hardest to define. What makes one individual feel  spiritual is different from another. For some church or synagogue is the ultimate spiritual experience. The rituals and music give them a feeling of peace and satisfaction. For some, church is simply social. There is one thing we know for sure, and studies have proven, what makes humans unique, is that need for connection to something more than us. When we fail to connect and focus too much on human goals, or day to day survival, we get this vague feeling of discontent. This is why balance of all three, mind, body and spirit are necessary for an extraordinary life.

We’ve established that spirituality is different with every person. For John, one way to get outside himself and connect, is with a simple prayer book. When he is in a quiet corner with his prayer book for a while, he always comes out quiet and reflective. Deb feels spiritual in the car. She talks about the people who drive along beside her staring as she talks to God, prays and sometimes cries, eyes wide open.  Both say they feel the presence of God, in the woods, or as was stated in an earlier blog, walking around NYC. John and Deb’s idea of spirituality is God, but for some, it is nature, art or music.

Whatever your idea of spirituality is start today. Watch Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday for the first time. Read some poetry or get a prayer book and recite some prayers. Perhaps some soothing music and quiet reflection, it really is wide open. Whatever your idea of spirituality is, be open, and identify something you want to try every day until you achieve the thing that makes you feel connected to something outside and greater than yourself. When you are connected no one will need to tell you. You will know it. Your assignment is to identify that thing that you will do today and do it. Also give some thought to what you will do tomorrow. You will need to incorporate this with brisk movement, calorie counting and brain teasers. Maybe for you, you take a walk, pray or meditate and bring a book with you, that you stop and read. Good luck and let’s talk about your experience tomorrow.

Every day is about feeding your mind, body and spirit in a healthy and productive way. Non-processed foods, brisk body movements throughout the day, challenging reading, studying, or brain teasers and of course dedicated spiritual time to reflect, connect and rejuvenate.  The real key to an extraordinary life is the synergy that can only come from incorporating all of these things into your life on a daily basis.

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Day 6 of Your 66 Day Transformation to an Extraordinary Life

IMG_1506Day 6 obviously is different for each of you depending on when you started your holistic transformation but this day 6 happens to be a Saturday. We are making wonderful simple mini quiches. 150 calories, simple to make, quick and oh, so yummy! Other ideas from food, to exercise and other cool stuff is on our youtube channel (link at the bottom of every post). We will be uploading a bunch of video’s on 11 January, so for our growing number of “regulars” look for a bunch more then :)

“Day off” is such a joke, isn’t it? Crazy, busy people, are who we work with most often. Some are crazy, busy like we are, because we work full time jobs, volunteer and run a company “after hours”. Some are crazy, busy because they are retired and have “over” volunteered themselves and seem to have less time for themselves than when they were working. Still others have a couple of children that seemingly consume every waking hour, plus that annoying full time, or more, job.

Our point is this, there are thousands of valid reasons NOT to make holistic living a priority and ONE really good reason to make it a priority, you will live a healthier, happier more fulfilling life!

Holistic living is SIMPLE, it’s just not EASY :)

We are blessed to have a cabin home we run away to, as often as we can, and this weekend is one where we are at our cabin. We know the vast majority of you reading our blog and transforming your lives in 66 days, do not have a second home to go to, but you can have a favorite park, or a botanical garden or a museum. The point is somewhere that is calming, soothing and mentally as well as spiritually stimulating. If you are thinking, “nothing like that around here” we respectfully challenge you to look harder. As an example of “grow where you are planted” one of our favorite places on earth is the big apple, yup, dating ourselves there.

nycWe are talking New York City. We go there at least once a year, and our all time, favorite thing to do is walk, walk, walk. The sites, the sounds the amazing smells, produced by all the different foods being cooked is stimulating and relaxing. We find total peace, and a rejuvenating calm in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.

Back to the cabin.  It is foggy in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain’s today. We are at a slight elevation here of about 1500 ft. so it almost always a few degrees cooler, as well. Since this specific blog is being written in early January, it’s not warm out. Why do we share this with you? The weather (short of snow storms or torrential rains) never, alters our focus when we are in the foothills. Our focus is  to be outside, be hiking, be climbing those hills, BE OUTSIDE AND BE MOVING.

Yes, we still monitor our calories, and our activities, as we all need to do, but mostly we are in the moment, enjoying what is around us. We recently introduced challenging your mind to the daily routine. When we are in the middle of nowhere, our brain teaser or mind activity, is to be challenged by keeping track of where we are, with a simple magnetic compass, so we can get back to the car. A little example, but maybe you have never thought of finding your way as a brain teaser. Or taking a picture of a bug, or a flower we have never seen before, and then we research it later, online, or in one of our North Carolina foliage books. There are little brain teasers all around you, if you open up your mind.

When we hike we prepare with snacks and water, you need to as well. If you’re “hiking” in the mall, bring healthy snacks like baby carrots, raisins, low sodium roasted almonds, or if you need more, a Kind bar (not perfect but a reasonably priced, reasonably healthy snack bar, that you can get anywhere) or two. Also remember to bring that water! Point is, if you are in the middle of nowhere you need to bring your healthy food and water with you. If you are trekking on main street, that caramel popcorn is much harder to resist if you do not bring something with you.

So on day 6, if it is a day off from work for you, or a day you have taken off, this blog has some great thoughts if not, bookmark it and come back when you do!

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Day 5 of Your Extraordinary Life Transformation

number_5Well, it is the first Friday of your 66 days to an extraordinary life. We introduced the, “mind” yesterday and will be introducing spirit on the 7th day, Sunday. We are excited that in the first four days we have had comments from a dozen or so people and visits from nearly 50 more. This is a calling, a mission, for us. We know that it is not expensive, or impossible to live holistically, no matter how busy your life is, because we live it even though we are both very busy, too. Holistic living is a choice, it’s a matter of priorities no more, no less.

IMG_1013We’re pretty sure one, if not both of us had something other to do when we took this day hike but guess what? This was our priority that day. :)


Remember the basics, you must count those calories, look at previous posts for recommendation on sites, apps etc. and you need to do a minimum of 15 minutes of brisk exercise every day.  Also ensure every day you are challenging your mind, learning and applying new things to keep your mind sharp and vibrant. To help you with these basics, the link to our youtube channel, Simple Fitness & Diet Solutions) is at the bottom of every post. It has a specific video on that 15 brisk exercise topic, as well as several other videos on diet, recipes and basic equipment.

In the coming days and weeks we will get more specific on exercise and the importance of sleep (some below in this blog) as well as some techniques to improve your sleep. The reason we are starting so simply is to not overwhelm or scare away those that are dipping their toe in the water of holistic living. “It’s too hard” is already a baseline thought for many of us. That is not a bad thing, it is reality.  We are here to show you it is not. Just think in 4 days if you have never even considered or heard of holistic living, and have followed us, you have stopped smoking (or are committed to doing so). Cut out soda of any kind. Drinking more water is part of your daily routine as is a minimum of 15 minutes of brisk walking or other simple cardio related movement. You are shifting away from processed foods, towards those as close to the way they were in nature and you are tracking everything that goes into your body. That is just 4 days and that is a lot! Congratulations.

A few more tips on sleeping. Have you heard that those who don’t get regular sleep, at least 7 hours a night, struggle to diet and keep their weight off. Did you know that 35% of the population are sleep deprived? This statistic came from the Centers of Disease Control. That % is identical to the number of people who are obese. There isn’t a straight line, but there is a line. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that people on the same diet that were sleep deprived, felt hungrier, lacked energy and lost less than half the weight of their well rested counterparts. If you get no other message on Day 5, SLEEP. You must sleep.

Tips on food for the day: Once a month I eat REALLY fast food. I eat a McDonalds Happy Meal with an apple. I don’t drink Coke, or Diet Coke, I drink water. I give the toy to a friend’s child. I feel very naughty but I don’t exceed the days calories. I eat very “clean” for the rest of the day. Today is Friday and we eat homemade pizza on Friday nights. We don’t eat meat on it. Our choice is mushrooms, onions and Kalamata olives. We also don’t exceed our daily calorie goal. To live life out of a box, when it comes to food, or to eat only salads, is not a lifestyle. This about maintaining a lifestyle for, well, your life.

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Day 4 of An Extraordinary Life Transformation

number 4As promised day four brings the introduction of mind to the mind, body, spirit transformation. There are superb weight loss programs out there (Weight Watcher’s comes to mind) superb exercise programs for seniors (classic stretching is a wonderful series) and many wonderful spiritual programs ( Joyce Myers, Carolyn Mayss, Super Soul Sunday, just a few worth checking out) but this program is the only one we are aware of that actually addresses all three areas. Today is mind kick off!!

When we talk about the mind we are specifically talking about mental stimulation and learning as well as applying what you learn every day. There are countless studies showing the benefits of an active, engaged mind in everything from Alzheimer’s prevention and or delay of symptoms, to better sleep to higher energy levels of the body.  Bottom line, an actively challenged mind is critical. This is even more important as we age. Society celebrates and still often treats the 80 year old returning to college as an inspiring novelty. The 70 year old personal trainer has a local folk lore around her. It is in fact wonderful to celebrate these people but it really speaks to a bigger issue. “Act your age” are three terrible words, especially for those of us past 40.  No where is this more of a dangerous mind set than when it comes to our minds.

Just like our bodies will atrophy from a lack of movement and resistance training so will our minds. Not a theory, a fact. Age has nothing to do with your ability to learn and to apply what you are learning. Deb and John were both well past 40 when they returned to school to get their Master’s Degrees. They are now both working on fitness and nutrition certifications and kicking around the idea of learning Portuguese. They are not doing these things because they have plenty of time, in fact they have very little, “free time” (whatever that means). They both work full time and Deb is very active in volunteer work on top of that, and John serves as the communications director for a political party in North Carolina. No, their drive to push their brains and challenge their minds is because they know how critical it is to never stop engaging your brain.

Above we have given some examples of ways to challenge the mind but for some formal education is not very interesting. Watching a documentary instead of a movie can be stimulating, especially if discussed or written about. Application of what is learned is important. John calls it the secret sauce. Doing volunteer work where a new skill is learned and continuously learned is also a way to stimulate the mind. Pick something every day that you can challenge yourself with, and talk with someone about what you learned every day. Write a family newsletter quarterly to family you’d like to stay in touch with but can’t find the time, write a newsletter, at work, or church. Commit to this activity and build new habits around it. Happiness will not be achieved unless you stimulate the bodies most important organ. Today we will ask you to choose anything and commit time to it but in the next days we will ask you to establish thresholds of activity.

Now that you have started your next new habit, don’t forget the first. Make sure to walk briskly today, record your food, and stay within your calorie goals. Also getting those 7+ hours of sleep and drinking plenty of water remains very important too! If you add your mind activity to your physical and diet changes, you are well on your way to transformation.

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Day 3 of 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life Transformation

number 3Remember the basics, start with the base metabolic rate  you have calculated. Record everything you eat, either in a paper log or with an app like calorie counter from everydayhealth or the lose it site or app. Your food needs to be unprocessed to the maximum extent possible. A potato is better than a potato chip. A baked skinless chicken breast way better than a chicken nugget, you get the idea. Those portions needs to be small, no bigger than your fist and no more than three items on your plate. One, if not two of those items should be fruit or vegetables, for your lunch or dinner.

Here are a few more ideas for lunch and dinner meals that are easy to prepare, not costly and very healthy. This blog will become a food, “idea bank” for you to flip through and find ideas for great eatings.


If you are out and can’t get back for lunch, there are still choices. If you can plan ahead bring a meal bar and snack. GNC has several high protein snacks, KIND also has several bars that are tasty and nutritious. We don’t recommend bars everyday but when you can’t pack a lunch, bring a meal bar that can stay fresh in any weather, in your car. One of my, in a pinch meals, is a plain, Chick Filet sandwich. Surprised? I add no mayonnaise and remove the top bun. It fills me up but feels like something naughty. Chick Filet’s salads are expensive, not that tasty and their chicken salad sandwich is higher in calories that just the regular sandwich. If you are going to be tempted to order a regular Coke and a fry, don’t stop there for lunch. With the bun removed and Coke Zero or water for lunch, the calories are about 350 but with fries and a regular Coke, as much as 700. Don’t go there!


Last night we had vegetable lentil soup. Lentils are a super food and we eat them, like we do salmon, a minimum of once a week. Lentils are easy to make, soak them for a few hours before putting them in the crock pot. Add two cloves garlic, one chopped onion, chicken broth, celery, a can of organic tomatoes, carrots, organic of course, fresh green beans, Bella or some other mushroom and any other vegetable you enjoy. I like Italian spices, dried Basil, Oregano, a bit of red pepper and Thyme. In a few hours you will have a healthy soup. Our YouTube channel has a video of making vegetable beef soup, as well..This time of year, soups are amazing.

With respect to exercise we are keeping that simple for now, as well. Every day, and we mean every day, we do 15 minutes of brisk walking, jogging in place, stair climbing etc. More is better and if you need to learn what “brisk” looks and sounds like, check out our video on that topic on our YouTube channel. The link to our channel is at the bottom of this blog.

SLEEP cannot be over emphasized. Drinking a good pure source of water and lots of it (as close to 1/3 an ounce, per pound of your body weight, every day is a good goal), and SLEEP have more effect on your mind, body and spirit, than nearly any other combination. When it comes to sleep the goal is a minimum of 7 hours. Yes, for many this is wildly challenging, but it is a challenge worth taking up. Quality sleep is a life changer.

Starting tomorrow we will add our mind, to the body discussion we have been having this week. An active, challenged mind is critical to an extraordinary life. Important to all but for our focus group, those 40+, it is even more so. We will give you ideas of areas and activities to challenge your brain but as always, you will make the final decisions on what is best for you.

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Day 2 of Your Transformation To An Extraordinary Life

number twoWe will focus for two more days on the body, specifically what and how you eat as well as levels and types of activity. There are a few reasons for this. First it is always best to really focus on one or two things at a time, rather than four or five. Secondly as you will read time and time again mind, body and spirit are completely intertwined and when you are working in one area you are working in all. Since nutrition, sleep and exercise have such an enormous affect on our minds and our spirituality it is the logical place to start.

Day 1 is when you should have calculated your base metabolic rate. If you have not done so please go back to that post and do so. You also need to track everything you eat, and we mean everything. There really are calories in that big bite of the chocolate chip cookie :). The goal for now is to be within 10% of your BMR. We want you to get a sense for what 1300 or 1800 calories, “feels” like. Do not worry if you have weight loss as part of your transformation goal, we will get there. We still have exercise calories to account for, to be explained in a moment and some other important facts about weight control but for now just count everything you eat and be within 10% of your BMR.

Your exercise today is the same as yesterday, in that you need a minimum of 15 minutes of brisk walking.  We have a video on what brisk walking is on our youtube channel (link at bottom of every blog). Good news! Brisk walking can be lots of things other than walking, watch the video and keep moving- it really matters.

So what to eat today?

Breakfast needs to remain high in protein. Protein really makes you full and high protein content foods, keep you feeling satiated much longer than high carbohydrate foods. Fats have always had a bad reputation mostly because people lump them all together. Saturated fats and trans fats. especially, are bad.. That being said some fat is necessary, we recommend about 25% of your calories come from good fats such as those found in  olives, olive oil and fatty fishes.  Here is a link to a great article on fats and your diet. The more you know the better decisions you will make.

If you are on weight watchers or some other diet, day 2, follow it but if this is about eating healthier with better portion control, while transforming your life, here are some potential menu items. A protein shake with berries for breakfast as described on the video, or half a cup of Greek yogurt (we are BIG fans of Chobani yogurts) mixed with 1/2 cup of organic granola (Cascadian Farm is a good brand of organic cereals and granola). 3 oz of salmon with a tasty olive, tomato, lime relish, a half to a quarter cup of wild rice and roasted broccoli or cauliflower. This is a power lunch or dinner and under 400 calories. This will leave you feeling very satisfied. Lunch, if you are away from home can be a Subway chopped salad, the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, watch the dressing and Parmesan rolls they bring to the table, Wendy’s and McDonald’s also have salads with predictable portions and calories. There are good choices if you are away from home.

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Day 1 of Your Transformation to An Extraordinary Life. LET’S GET STARTED

cropped-rocks-on-beach-1.jpgThis program is unique in that it does not discuss in theory the balance needed with mind, body and spirit it actually shows you, in a practical way, how to live it. We start assuming you need help in all areas. If you already are strong spiritual person, GREAT, focus on the other areas while continuing your spiritual work. The same applies if you are a very healthy eater, and or a big time exercise buff. If you are, in fact, solid in all three areas perhaps you could join us and help coach others.

We are going to focus on your body days 1-3, not because it is any more important than your mind, or spirit but because it tends to be the area people can grab onto the quickest to help them form a strong commitment. Also remember that all areas are completely inter-connected it is where the synergy comes from. When you exercise you help your mind and spirit as well as your body. Same is true when you put better food into your body. So really although we are focusing on food and exercise we are already working on body, mind and spirit!


-Your staple fluids will be water, tea or coffee in moderation, tonic, club or sparkling water, and of course more water.

-Your staple foods will be natural. The closer to the way foods were in the ground, on the tree or swimming, flying or running the better.

-Determine your base metabolic weight. Although many calculators are available online we recommend you do it the old fashioned way, which does not take into account any exercise. Here are the formulas…….

If you’re a man, your BMR is equal to: 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years). For example, if you’re 170 pounds, 5’11”, and 43, your BMR is 66 + (6.23 x 170) + (12.7 x 71) – (6.8 x 43) = 1734.4 calories.

If you’re a woman, your BMR is equal to: 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years). For example, if you’re 130 pounds, 5’3”, and 36, your BMR is 665 + (4.35 x 130) + (4.7 x 63) – (4.7 x 36) = 1357.4 calories.

This does NOT take into account your exercise! Which is one reason exercise matters, it “adds” the amount of calories you can consume. For example 30 minutes of brisk walking a day burns about 150 calories PLUS the additional health benefits of the exercise itself.

-Portion control is critically important. Portions about the size of your fist and no more than three per meal. We strongly recommend a journal to record everything you eat and a calorie look up. There are books with calories counts as well as many online sources. has a calorie counter you can use online or you can load on your smart phone. Lose it also has an app for smart phones and an online counter at

We cannot possible know your likes and dislikes with respect to food so we offer sample meals, just remember stay away from highly processed foods…….and snack items that are anything more than 10-12 almonds, walnuts or pecans or fresh vegetables, like carrot sticks. these are unlimited.

Breakfast – The protein shakes you have seen on our blog and our video is a great meal. Other favorites are an egg or two with a piece of whole wheat toast or some natural granola with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt. Yogurt and protein shakes are the preference because they are very high in protein something that is critical for your first meal of the day.

Lunch- small salad from home or I eat Subway chopped salads since the calories and size are predictable. I always have them add spinach, which adds nutrients.

Dinner-We have salmon and vegetable beef soup on our blog and videos. More potential items will be added.

Snacks – We love to see people eat nuts, almonds are our favorite either raw or lightly salted, with sea salt and roasted. You can also snack on baby organic carrots, raisins or some granola.


We will initially just be using brisk walking. Brisk walking is a walk where your heart rate is elevated to a point you can carry on a conversation but need to take a breath every three or four words. For some this will happen at a very slow walk for others speed walking or jogging will be needed. Just listen to your body. Starting TODAY it’s a minimum of 15 minutes of brisk walking, 30 is ideal. It works great to break this up and squeeze in 15 minutes in the morning, 15 in the late afternoon or early evening. Like recording what you eat tracking your exercise is important both the everydayhealth site and the lose it sites can convert your exercise to calories. Deb and John both wear Nike SE + Fuelbands. They are a small bracelet type device that measures calories, steps and what Nike calls “fuel”. Our research indicates it is the most accurate way to “capture” your total calories for the vast majority of us.


-Say good bye to tobacco in any form, period.  Soda, there will be very little. If you are having more than a glass or two of regular OR diet soda a week, you are having too much.


You need at least 7 hours, 8 is great but 7 works. If you have trouble sleeping or “don’t have time” realize sleep is the single biggest item that effects all three areas of holistic wellness. Other than completely stopping smoking nothing will hurt you, long term, more than a lack of sleep.


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Your 66 Days To An Extraordinary Life Begins soon!

naturopathy home page alsoWelcome to my66days.  We are going to guide you through a fundamental change of lifestyle, or we are going to help you tweak an existing one, if you already follow some level of holistic living. By holistic, we are referring to human being’s need to balance mind, body and spirit. We were not meant to focus on only one aspect of living. Those who do, often wonder why they are not truly happy.  Let us help guide you for 66 days to an extraordinary life. The intent is to develop new habits, which 66 days will form, of balance, in all areas important to human beings. We start Monday, 4 January, so here are some things you will need. Joining us in progress? No problem, your 66 days starts the day you start to follow us. We encourage comments, questions and updates on how your life is being impacted by this program.

Things you need:

-A good pair of sneakers. We are Nike fans but any quality pair will do.

-Our focus is on people 40+, which does not mean all are not welcome, it means we focus on lower impact exercise. You will need either a few dumbbells or some resistance bands. Resistance training is a critical part of our program

-A simple blender that can be used to make protein shakes, smoothies etc. is a very helpful item. Target has an Oster mini drink blender for less than $20. Important to let you know we do not advocate, meal replacement ,we advocate having a protein drink as your actual breakfast etc. This is an important distinction.

-A good quality multi vitamin. All our supplements come from Puritan Pride but a centrum multi vitamin or similar high quality one will do. Ensure it has 2,000 IU of vitamin D.

-If you have a twitter account please follow @youareyourkey this is where all notifications are posted.

-Get some protein powder, we like whey protein. Target’s brand is great. Very little sugar, 25 grams of protein and less than $20, can’t beat it.

-Some type of spiritual reading material or music; my Dad loved to relax to Gregorian chants. You might want to use a Bible, or a daily prayer book, or a simple book on daily meditation thoughts. Anything that allows you to get outside of yourself, reach a state of relaxation, and wash away your daily grind is what is important here.

-Here is a link to a video that sums up our suggestions above, and offers some other items you might want to consider.